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We’ve got the dates and times for LITTLE WOMEN, our 4th JudsonRADIO play, presented in partnership with Muirfield Broadcasting!

Saturday 12/18/21 Star 102.5 FM: 9am – 10am
Saturday 12/18/21 WIOZ 550AM: 3:00pm – 4pm

Sunday 12/19/21 Star 102.5 FM: 1pm – 2pm
Sunday 12/19/21 WIOZ 550AM: 9:00am – 10am

Family is forever in this special radio version of the cherished Louisa May Alcott novel that tells the story of the March sisters. With irresistible warmth, it chronicles their lives and loves across the holidays and highlights of their lives.

Set during the Civil War, we meet earnest Meg, pretentious Amy, sweet Beth, and spunky Jo–resolved to be a professional writer despite the era’s expectations about a woman’s place in the world, and unaware that the elusive muse she seeks is the life she shares with her sisters and Marmee (her mother).

This timeless tale has been adapted for television and film multiple times. Join us and gather around the radio with the people you love December 18 & 19.


**These programs are free for you to listen to…but not free to make; production costs are covered through tax-deductible donations. If you’d like to donate, click here.