We’re so grateful that there have been multiple public calls for support of Judson Theatre Company in the news recently. We are a small local 501(c)(3) not-for-profit professional theatre. Like many performing arts non-profits, revenue from tickets only covers ~50% of our production and operating costs. The rest comes from generous donors who believe in our work. Donate here.

You may have read that regional theatres are in a nationwide crisis, with such prestigious institutions as The Public Theatre (NYC), Center Theatre Group’s season at Mark Taper Forum, Lookingglass in Chicago, and Westport Country Playhouse cutting budgets, staff, and their seasons and sending up the cry for help. This has resulted in a nationwide decrease by 20% in the overall number of regional theatre productions. Some theatres with multimillion-dollar budgets like Greensboro’s Triad Stage have shuttered completely, and the NEA reports closures of “two to three organizations closing a month right now.”

Judson Theatre Company’s very compact business model has kept us safe through lean times–supporting us now will ensure that we remain financially sound and avoid crisis. If you’ve enjoyed our work over the past ten seasons, if you believe in the value of professional regional theatre, please give as generously as you can.