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WNCN’s My Carolina Today/Fayetteville Observer: BELL, BOOK AND CANDLE

WNCN – Mindy Cohn and Adam Halpin on My Carolina Today

Click on the link above to watch Mindy Cohn and Adam Halpin on WNCN’s My Carolina Today talking about Bell, Book and Candle.

And pick up the Fayetteville Observer to see a terrific interview with Mindy Cohn by Rodger Mullen:

See you at the show!

Amazing Pilot writeup from Opinion Editor Steve Bouser about BELL, BOOK AND CANDLE!

Did you see this on the front cover of the Opinion section of today’s issue of The Pilot?

Thanks to Steve Bouser!

Mindy & Adam News 14 Video: BELL, BOOK AND CANDLE

Watch Mindy Cohn and Adam Halpin with News 14’s Marti Skold, discussion Judson Theatre Company’s BELL, BOOK AND CANDLE – opening this Thursday!


Feature in Sunday’s PILOT on BELL, BOOK AND CANDLE

Mary Elle Hunter wrote a great feature about the show and the cast of BELL, BOOK AND CANDLE in Sunday’s Pilot–time to get tickets here on if you haven’t already–the show runs Thurs. Nov. 7 – Sun. Nov. 10 only!