SUNSHINE BOYS NYC Auditions – Casting the show

Many people ask, “Where do you find your actors?” (i.e. “How do you cast the show?”) And the backbone of our casting is our New York auditions. For Neil Simon’s The Sunshine Boys, we put out an online casting breakdown in New York for four of the supporting roles. We received over 300 photo and resume submissions, which we then go through and choose who we’d like to see in person, so we can find the perfect four actors for these roles. Just the process of culling the resumes takes the better part of a day–we look at every single one we receive.

In the case of The Sunshine Boys auditions, we did this first round of auditions all in one day in New York. There are 60 audition slots. We notify the actor’s agent, or sometimes the actor directly, that they have received an appointment.

On Friday, April 28  the actors we selected for appointments come in and read “sides” (excerpts from the script) that we’ve made available to them in advance, at the time we booked them–usually 5 or 10-minute slots.

We take detailed notes on every audition we see. We have a record of everyone who has ever auditioned for Judson Theatre Company. Sometimes we cast actors from the West Coast (a lot of our headliners have been Los Angeles/Hollywood based) or regional actors who live in various places around the country. If it is impractical for the actor to attend the in-person NYC auditions, we occasionally accept a video audition. We may also use local actors with professional training and experience if they are able to make the time commitment to a full-time work week of rehearsal and performances.

While we do cast actors who have done excellent work for us in multiple shows, we are also aware that any theatre company can fall into the trap of “the same faces all the time.” So we seek a balance between having the best people return when there is an appropriate role for them, and constantly bringing new talent to the area.

We had some wonderful talent at the auditions for The Sunshine Boys!

VIDEO: Alison Arngrim on Spectrum News 14…and a special message

Watch Alison’s fun TV interview with Caroline Blair of Spectrum News!

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And here’s a special and hilarious personal message from Alison:


HUGE feature in The Pilot on AND THEN THERE WERE NONE

The folks at The Pilot must be Agatha Christie fans–there’s an amazing feature on And Then There Were None in Sunday’s paper! Check it out online here:

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All Things Moore County – WEEB; Country Bookshop signing, and other happenings!

Alison Arngrim and Larry Daggett guested on Bill Sahadi’s All Things Moore County.  One of the best interviews we’ve ever done! They talk all things theatre and And Then There Were None and Little House on the Prairie.

It airs Saturday on WEEB or listen to the podcast here:

Judson Theatre Company – Agatha Christie’s, And Then There Were None, starring Alison Arngrim.


And, if you missed our in-store event at The Country Bookshop, you missed a good one! Cast members Alison Arngrim, Larry Daggett, Quinn Warren, and Michael Maloney read scenes from And Then There Were None, Alison read from Confessions of a Prairie Bitch, and there was lots of applause and laughter and fun! Thanks to our friends at the Bookshop for making it perfect–and remember, you can still go to the store and buy both books and tickets to the show.

Fall show is Neil Simon’s riotous comedy smash THE SUNSHINE BOYS

If you love to laugh, don’t miss JTC’s riotous production of Neil Simon’s comedy classic THE SUNSHINE BOYS! Al and Willie as “Lewis and Clark” were top-billed vaudevillians for decades…but now they aren’t even speaking! When CBS requests they reunite for a “History of Comedy” television special, the sparks and one-liners start to fly with equal speed. But can Lewis and Clark put aside their differences long enough to collect one last paycheck?


The Sunshine Boys performs October 19-22 at Owens Auditorium.

The start date of the Owens Auditorium renovation has been set–and it means we’ll be able to perform both of our shows in our home theatre in 2017 after all! We’ll be saving the previously announced Love, Loss and What I Wore to be one of our 2018 productions when we have to be off-site during the Owens Auditorium renovation.


WOW! Alison Arngrim OutreachNC interview

Dynamite interview (with a great photo) in March’s OutreachNC Magazine. Pick up a copy today or read it here:











Photo credit: Gor Megaera

Super fun interview with Alison about AND THEN THERE WERE NONE, LITTLE HOUSE, and more!

“When I looked up Judson Theatre Company I saw that practically everyone I know has been there to do a show, I thought I’d better go.”

We love her already! Click on BUY TICKETS here on to get tickets to the show, March 23-26 only at Owens Auditorium.

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